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I have a personal blog that I don’t update very often.
My excuse is usually that I’m too busy with other things.
I have numerous posts in draft and never seem to get back to complete them.
If you were to look at my blog most of the few articles that are there are introductory in nature. My own critical appraisal of them is that they tend to run on a bit.

What happens is that I start to write and then one idea leads to another and to another until the article has grown into a lengthy dicitation that probably could have been broken into several smaller posts. One of the reasons this happens is that I am never quite sure who is going to read it. So I’m aimlessly blogging to an unknown group.

This article is the fourth I have compiled over the last several days. This one is the only one I have composed from scratch. The others were already in draft in one long document.

With the relaunch of this blog as part of the Waitomo Creative site, a more sharpened view of who my targeted audience is and a more definite purpose in writing, I have been able to model and explain in the previous posts, some reasons for and benefits of having a business blog.

That said; here are a few lessons and suggestions about content:

  1. Know who you are writing to. This will help you determine what and how to write. If your target audience is trades people, write like you would talk to them in an informal and casual way. If they are academics and professionals, then they are used to and expect a formal and technical writing style.
  2. Be clear about your topic. Plan before you start writing and stick to the point.
  3. A short posting is better than a long one. I’ve concluded that 300 words is a good bite size chunk. If a post is too lengthy and carries too many ideas your reader could lose interest and give up.
  4. If you have something lengthy and complex to share, consider posting it over several days in short sections. A benefit here is that when you have a series that appeals to your audience, your readers will keep coming back for the next episode.

Above all, whatever you write, Be Real. When your readers identify with a writer, they will loyally keep coming back to see what you have to say.

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