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As mentioned in our previous post, the first step to developing a Web presence is to have a website with your own domain to promote your business. A few years ago it was enough to have a website and it was relatively easy to submit to a few search engines and get indexed.

In the current climate when websites on the world wide web number in the hundreds of thousands, it is not so easy. Meanwhile search engine indexing has become more difficult and now ranking is the all important thing. Something called Search Engine Optimization has become an important strategy and there is a whole new industry of SEO experts now capitalizing on this new need for web promotion and search engine ranking.

One of the tools now being used in conjuction with, and as part of many web sites is the blog.

Blogging is something you have probably heard about over the past few years, but what is it?
Blogs (Web logs) started as personal online diaries written to entertain, keep friends posted on activities, be a vehicle for free and creative written expression, to name just a few reasons. This has now has expanded to change the way journalism, politics, and businesses are communicating. Now, more and more businesses are realizing the power of blogging to establish their expertise, rank higher at the search engines, and improve their communication with prospects and customers.

Business blogs are quickly becoming a preferred way to communicate with clients and with those who could become clients. Websites will continue to be essential, but a company blog is being recognized more and more as one of the keys to a successful Internet marketing strategy.

Once your site is up, the next step is to get blogging. Next time I’ll cover some of the benefits and some tips on content.

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    Thank you..really informative!!

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    Articles like this really grease the shafts of knowledge.

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    Kewl you sohlud come up with that. Excellent!

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